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Why are we different?

Pad is the UK's first fully mobile lettings agent. Our tenants verify, view, offer, sign and pay with the click of a button. We guarantee we are the lowest cost lettings service and that we will make you the highest return.

We're cheaper than the high-street because you can download our shop window and we are cheaper than any online agents because we’ve got better tech, better logistics and a unique insurance model that turns the lettings industry upside down!

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Make more money

We insure our tenants instead of taking a deposit, making their budget go further towards rent. We don't charge our renters any conventional fees so they have more to spend on rent. Dynamic surge pricing maximises the value of offers based on demand. Better tenants means you have less surprises which hit your wallet.

Make more money using Pad

Less stress & hassle

Everything is at yours and the tenants fingertips. Rent with the click of a button. The backlog of verified renters in our club eliminates your risk of voids. We can do the viewings. Our clerks on bikes are ready to showcase your property. Clever tech keeps things transparent and clear along the way.

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How does it work?

Step 1. List property with Pad

Upload your property with our easy step by step process and we’ll put it out to thousands of renters via our own app and on listing websites like Zoopla, RightMove and PrimeLocation.

The members who access our rental club are extensively verified before they enter and are then able to view and rent at the click of a button.

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Step 2. Complete, document, move in

At Pad we don’t take any of your hard earned money off you up front, only when we have found your tenants, moved them in and guaranteed your maximum yield... then we get paid. Our “rent now” service includes:

  • Right to rent check
  • Verify/reference tenants
  • Pad digitally sign contracts
  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Inventory in
  • Inventory out
  • Direct debit of monthly yield
Complete and contract

Step 3. Guaranteed rent & insured tenants

At Pad we do things a little bit differently to the norm. Firstly we profile tenants further than the norm so they are very low risk. With a high street agent a static deposit only covers you for 6 weeks rent and then you'll be scrambling if there's further loss or damage. It's 2017 so we throw in:

  • Full rent guarantee with comprehensive insurance
  • Comprehensive damage insurance for tenants
  • Dispute resolution line and live chat
Guaranteed tenants

Pay on completion, no upfront cost!

We do the viewings

You do the viewings


Ok, so we’ve checked in your tenants and covered them… what’s next?

  • Want to have your tenants managed for a fixed monthly cost?
  • Want to have all maintenance covered for a fixed monthly cost?
  • Want to save even more time and stress?

Introducing Pad Care

Pad Care covers all scenarios of risk, cost and time once your tenants have moved in. In the past that when something went wrong before you knew it an invoice would fall at your feet. Not any more! We'll manage your tenants and then can cover maintenance, your boiler and the building from £9.99 a month.

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How do we compare?

High street agents

Low margins

Low stress

Low risk

Maximum margins

No stress

No risk

Online agents & Airbnb

High margins

High stress

High risk

Happy landlords!

Alain's testamonial

I’m really excited by the technology and impressed with how you have solved problems throughout the process.

Alain / Poplar

Sunil's testamonial

I’m excited to get going with Pad! I've always thought there should be something like this and now it's here!

Sunil / Stratford

Sandeep's testamonial

I’ve managed my properties for 10 years but finally there’s something which makes it easy and cost effective for me to take a step back.

Sandeep / Wanstead

Sam's testamonial

This is the first property I’ve rented out and it all seems so easy with you guys.. I’d heard bad things about working with agents from friends.

Sam / Hackney